Alternatives to Gaming Headsets

When you are looking to get yourself the ideal headset for gaming, you may have some pause. The reason why you may be pausing is because when you go on an online retailer such as Amazon, you will see that the gaming headsets do not always get great reviews. Even the ones that have 4 star reviews and are priced anywhere from $100 to $250, you will see that the reviewers mention that the headsets are nothing special. The mics are decent, and the sound is good enough for casual listening. However, they are not worth a ton of money.

So what can you do if you want to get a high quality headset, but you do not want to overpay? The solution is simple: you will combine a great pair of open or closed headphones, and you are going to get yourself a mic as well. For instance, there are many “audiophile” headphones that you can get that are priced anywhere from $50 to $200, and they will all get you very good performance. They will sound amazing, whether you are listening to music, chatting with friends or playing games. They will also be very comfortable for you to wear, which is what we all want.

But those headphones do not have a mic on them, so what will you do? The best option that you have is to get one of those tiny mics that you can plug into your computer, and then you can clip it onto your headphones. These clip-on mics have much better sound quality than the ones you will get on your gaming headsets. And if you want even more quality, you can always get a standalone mic, such as the ones people use when they are making videos for YouTube or other online streaming sites!