Save Money on Pokémon Crystal

If you are a fan of Pokémon Crystal but don’t own a Gameboy Advanced there are some options available aside from buying a Gameboy advanced. One way is by using emulators which will let you play the Pokémon Crystal ROM with ease. Prior to downloading the Pokémon Crystal ROM or any other ROM be sure to check with your local authorities to make sure you can legally use this software, chances are there should be no problem but in some remote locations there could be a legal requirement to own the game before downloading the ROM.

Pokémon Crystal ROM

Selecting the Right Emulator for Your Pokémon Crystal Experience

There is a plethora of different emulators to choose from, some of them are designed to support multiple gaming platforms. While these versatile emulators are convenient because they function with a variety of different platforms they may not give you the best possible Pokémon experience. Try to identify the emulator that has the largest number of positive reviews when it comes to Game Boy Advanced (GBA) experiences, by selecting the emulator that has the largest number of positive reviews you should be able to make a better determination.

Another important consideration is how you plan on controlling the game once you have installed the Pokémon ROM. You could, in theory, use the keyboard to control your Pokémon character but that can get boring and hard on the hands over time. You might consider investing in a gamepad, there are many gamepads that should be compatible with your computer just make sure it is comfortable in your hands or you will face the same challenge of having tired hands.

When you are trying to select the best source of ROMs to download it would be in your best interest to screen all of the different websites that are offering these ROMs. You need to find out whether the website is going to allow you to download the ROM in its entirety or will you need to download the ROM along with some type of special installer software? This installer software could have malware embedded into it or the developer could try to load up your computer with bloatware, in either case, what you will need to do is check out the sheer number of downloads the website has processed in the last few months. Try to give preference to the website that has processed the greatest number of Pokémon ROM downloads.

While playing this game be sure to frequently save your progress, some of the emulators do have glitches and the last thing you want to experience is having the screen freeze up when you are getting to a pivotal part in the game. By saving the game frequently you will be able to pick up where you left off with ease so now that you know about the Pokémon ROMs and how you can enjoy them you should start installing them as soon as possible, you are going to have a great time playing them.